Hanna Bulczyńska
Couture Milliner
New York has called to her, to realize her dreams at the highest possible level. Couture millinery, Headpieces – works of art.
New York gave her wings. It marked her with it's multidimensionality. It affirmed that different is good, colors are happiness, and perfection is the foundation of her brand: Lallu Chic by Hanna Bulczyńska, which she established in 2013.
New York has taught her the craft of true millinery. She became a Couture Milliner.
Headpieces, which she designs in her small atelier are always masterfully handcrafted and while each is unique, they all exhibit the traits she loves most: color and intrigue. Flowing against the current, but with the trends. Just like her - a lover of crazy shoes, jazz, Chagall's paintings and Lempicka's designs.
She admires uniqueness, and is on a mission to show all women that a hat is a true halo of happiness. In 2019 she was accepted to the Artist's Association of Polish Applied Arts.